Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gender Role Reversal Story - Gynarchy

As you all know, I enjoy gender role reversal.  I've said a few times that I also really like to build worlds - maybe it's an alternate history.  Or perhaps it's  in the near future.  Either way, I've always had a soft spot for stories which combine gender role reversal and world-building.  I've even tried my hand at it a few times (the fake TIME articles and, to a lesser extent, the Omar Bell and Reparations stories) to varying degrees of success.  In any event, it's something that I think about quite a lot, so this caption series practically wrote itself.

I actually intended it to be a stand-alone text story, but I realized that it's far more fun if you can see it.  I'm really glad that I decided to do the pictures, too, because I think a lot of them turned out really fantastic.  I hope you all think so too, and I hope you enjoy the story!