Friday, March 14, 2014

Feminization Caption - John's Obsession

This caption is the result of a request from a reader, and I hope it lives up to his imagination.

As an aside, I've been considering ways to monetize what seems to be a pretty big following for this blog.  Because this is an "adult" blog, I can't use Google's advertisements to generate revenue.  So I've been kicking around a few ideas.  Let me know what you guys think.  Keep in mind that none of this will change how this blog operates - these are simply ways which I can actually benefit from what amounts to a lot of time and effort.

1. A Donation Button - This would allow those inclined to donate money via paypal (or it might accept credit cards, I haven't really looked into it).  This is the least invasive because it would just be an additional widget on the blog.  If you want to donate, you can.  If not, ignore it.  However, I tend to shy away from this type of thing because it seems unlikely that anyone would give away money like that.  Better to give them a product to buy, I think.

2. Custom Stories (or captions) - I know many of you have your own fantasies (which no doubt differ from my own), and you'd like to see them fleshed out in the form of a story or caption.  I'm not sure what the logistics would be, but the idea would be that whoever would be interested would pay me to write said story.  I actually like this idea because it feels like everyone wins.  That said, it would depend on the price (if it would be worth it - these stories take time!). 

3. Videos - I've been thinking a lot about creating some videos in the tradition of those found at TG Tales.  I know that people make money on Youtube, but I don't know how (or how much).  The videos aren't that difficult to make - if you know how to use video editing software (I do), and they'd be fun.  I may end up doing this anyway, but I'd be a lot more enthused about it if there was the chance of money at the end of the road.

So those are my three ideas.  I'm not saying that I particularly need the money or anything - I make a decent living already.  It's just that it seems like I'm missing the boat a little here.  I have this huge following (I'd be surprised if this wasn't one of, if not THE most popular caption blogs on the internet), and I'd like to use that to my advantage.  If anyone else has any ideas about how I might go about that, let me know.  Or if you guys think I'm barking up the wrong tree, let me know about that too.  After all, none of this works without your support.