Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Male" Cheerleaders

I like the idea of two sissies using a double dildo.   I think it stems from the notion that these boys are such sissies that, when they have sex even with each other, it's not as two men, but rather as two women might.  The thought that their penises are so inconsequential that they don't even use them as sexual organs is something that really turns me on.
I also like show feminized boys being objectified as much (or more) than women.  Maybe it's that I like the role reversal.  I don't know.
And finally, I like boys as cheerleaders.  One of my favorites is the premise that a male cheerleader tries out for a squad, and makes it only to discover that he has to be just "one of the girls."
So, all of that will tell you where this caption came from.  Hope you enjoy it.